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Step 1: Get Pre-Approved
For several reasons, it is important to contact a mortgage lender prior to shopping for a home or making an offer on a property. This step is helpful for Buyers to clarify for themselves the price range in which they are most comfortable. It is also a necessity in today’s market to show a Seller, once you decide to make an offer, that you are a qualified Buyer.

Contact a recommended lender to learn about the various mortgage programs available and which is best for your personal situation. Be sure to select a lender familiar with the area you are purchasing.

The pre-approval process is fast and easy, and will give you a leg up during the buying process.

Contact us for a recommendation on local lenders.

Step 2: Begin Your Property Search
Once you've determined your price range, set up an appointment with us to discuss your personal needs and requirements. We can then provide you with information on all of the homes that fit your needs, and begin narrowing the search. We provide an on-going flow of information and will show you any homes that interest you.

Step 3: Finding The Right Home For You
Now that we've begun the house hunting in earnest, we can assist you in finding the right home for you. This process can take as little as a day or as long as months. The length of the process depends on the availability of inventory.

I have found that rarely is a home "perfect". The trick is to find the perfect home for YOU. I suggest the 80/10/10 Rule to my customers: Look for a home that has 80% of the things you want, 10% of things you can change, and 10% of things you can live with. If a home meets these criteria, it’s usually the right home for you.

Step 4: The Buying Process
Once you've found the right home, the work is not over. We will assist you through the process from presenting an offer to the day of closing. This includes: presenting an offer; negotiating the sale; executing the Contract; ordering a home inspection and/or pest inspection; applying for your mortgage; ordering the title work; obtaining insurances; transferring utilities; etc. Our mission is to make the buying process as seamless and pleasurable as possible.

You are now on your way to purchasing your dream home at the Shore!

Contact us if you have any questions.