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If you plan to obtain mortgage financing to purchase a property, it is crucial that you choose the right lender. Shore properties (located in a "flood zone") and condominiums (including 2 unit condos such as the side-by-side townhouses prevalent in Sea Isle) have unique characteristics that lenders MUST be familiar with in order to get your loan to closing. We can provide you with contact information for lenders that we have worked with and trust.

The Contract For Sale will stipulate the date by which you must secure a loan commitment. Be prepared to provide your lender the following information at the time of application:

The lender will review the information provided along with your credit report (history) to determine your ability to complete the purchase and repay the loan. They will also obtain an acceptable appraisal report indicating a fair market value of the property.

We provide constant communication between all parties, including the lender and title companies, to facilitate the process.

Once this process is completed, your loan is ready to close!

Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.